Festmag – “Drumstruck is a Brilliant Show, it’s so Fun and Loud, I really enjoyed it!” ✮✮✮✮✮

Joe Ledger, age 7, bangs the drum for this South African musical extravaganza. Drum Struck is a brilliant show, it’s fun and loud and I really enjoyed it. There are lots of people on stage playing drums, singing and doing cool African dancing.

Everyone in the audience had a bongo drum to play and we got to be part of the show and copy what they were playing on stage. The story is about people in an African village who love playing the drums and dancing together. But when something happens the people start to argue which breaks the village drum and makes the queen of the village unhappy and sick. So to help the queen, the village start to dance and play the drums together again.

I went up onto the stage to help play too. It’s funny and entertaining and the audience had a great time – my mum and grandma loved playing the bongos. It’s brilliant, go and see it whenever you can!