Edin blogger – “An amazing cast with such a tight performance makes this show a pure delight”

Drumstruck‘s concept is simple… everybody gets a drum and joins in with the show. We knew little more than this but were sold as soon as we found out we could bang on something. We’re not professional drummers not even amateurs, however we have been known to play the pots and pans during an epic washing up session, this seemed like more than enough experience to take up seats front row and centre.

The story takes place in an African village and revolves around the concept of Ubuntu (compassion and humanity through community). The Ubuntu Queen hosts the performance and does so with great glee, her childlike laugh is infectious and she is easily able to command the crowd into communal drumming (at one point only using her hips). It’s a joyful story which soon takes a darker turn with the discovery of gold and greed, drum battles follow along with some fantastic gumboot dancing.

An amazing cast with such a tight performance makes this show a pure delight, it’s impossible not to grin from ear to ear throughout the show. We left the show feeling uplifted and keen to drum on anything we passed, even a bit of air drumming made an appearance. I usually shy away from audience participation, but it was impossible not to get involved and have a lot of fun in the process.

We left the show on a high, with aching arms and cheeks, this is our first five star review and one of the highlights of our festival.