“Gumboots” – Drumstruck Style!!

Drumstruck is an amazing display of African traditional performances with an interactive modern twist.

The show includes a traditional South African gumboot dance off, drumming battles, all topped of with amazingly stunning vocal pieces.

The origins of gumboots are deeply intertwined with South African history. Gumboots originated as a means of communication that enabled miners to talk to each other in secret and over time it evolved into an intricate art form. From its humble beginnings it progressed to the world stages and are enjoyed by people all over the world.

Drum Struck also proudly includes extremely rare percussive instruments,  a beautiful array of  Zimbabwean drums, a magical Venda Ngoma drum, a Casia relative of the Hang as well as a few other surprises.

The major selling point must be that the show is completely interactive, with a drum provided on every seat. This African art showcase is truly spectacular and a must see for anybody that is able to attend.

Drum Struck has been successful around the world and is performing in Europe this year at the Assembly Festival in Edinburgh. Be sure to get your seat booked before it’s sold out!