The Battle Begins – SilverBlack vs WhiteGold



Who will win the battle of the Drums? SilverBlack – the mean team from Africa or WhiteGold, the sexy Latin swingsters? Don’t miss the battle – starts 1st August at the Assembly Hall at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013. Or will the Ubuntu Queen save the day, and get them making music together?

Everyone in the Audience gets a drum to play. Learn African rhythms, Latin swing. Dance with the Ubuntu Queen. Listen to Wendy Oldfield’s beautiful music. Drum Struck will get you, your family, your friends grooving along with the best drummers in the world.


“AN INFECTIOUS MUSICAL EVENT” – Mark Blankenship, Variety

“Drum Struck is, for Off-Broadway, what Disney’s The Lion King was for Broadway: something innovative, exciting and new.” – The New York Amsterdam News

“The cast. is characterized not only by its instrumental talent but also by its lively dancing and sweet song. Drum Struck may not be subtle, but the beats that are its soul reaffirm the appealing power of the drum, resounding across time and cultures.” – The New York Times

“…by the Sme the houselights dim, the beat rises to a fever pitch and the audience roars with exhilaration. Drum Struck is that kind of show.” – NY

“… the crowd is torn between the ecstasy of drumming and the pleasure of watching a performance of great energy, vitality and skill.” – Time Out New York

“It’s not your average night out at the theatre. You don’t have to be an expert to get a lot of bang out of your buck – you just have to sit back and crack that drum, making this experience as much a physical workout as an entertaining one.” – NY1 News