Magnificent Australian Audience Reviews

Here are some feedback from YOU, the audience members, the stars of the show!

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The group were amazingly talented.
They included us and made it fun.
It didn’t matter if you had no rhythm, no one could notice!  

Highly recommend it!

                                                    – Zoomum, The Tivoli, Brisbane ★★★★★


What a great show, it was fantastic to be involved in the show not just as a spectator,with each of us getting a Djembe. The group had some Amazing voices and it was quite uplifting.

We came out of the show with smiles on our faces albeit some sore hands as well.

Great show for all ages!

     –  MPMZS, The Tivoli , Brisbane ★★★★★


This show was absolutely amazing! I was a little apprehensive at first, I thought I would l feel a little silly playing along with them, but the performers were so enthusiastic and energetic I honestly couldn’t help but dance along with them and the whole crowd got involved.

The atmosphere was very fun and non judgmental. I loved how they kept it very traditional, it didn’t seem like they westernized. It at all so it felt very real and honest.

I think this show should be played on a much larger scale, it was too good to keep to small venues and audiences.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and would jump at the opportunity to go and see it again!

                                                  – BongoLJ, The Tivoli, Brisbane ★★★★★

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