Andrew Xolani Magengenene

Andrew started performing professionally in 1996 and toured extensively throughout Europe doing street theatre.

After which part he was of the African Representation Entertainment at Rims Conference in New Orleans in the United States and was part of the Independency Celebration in Brazil in 2004.

He joined Drum Cafe in 2006 as Interactive Drumming Facilitator and has been used extensively as a Praise Poet, African Traditional Performance Drummer and Actor.

Andrew has performed at various high profile events including the Guptha Wedding and was also part of a huge Drum Café Grindrod Roadshow that travelled throughout Africa spreading HIV and AIDS awareness

He has also worked with “Mbongeni Mcema”, and featured on various South Africa T.V. production including, “Teens on a Tight Rope”, “Jika Jika”, “Made for Love” and “Laugh out Loud”.

Andrew has also MCed for major brand like “Coca-Cola”, “Bibo”, “McCain”, “Eskom City Power” and have been part of various industrial theatre productions.

He has graced the Edinburgh Fringe Festival two times and performed in Japan for three months as well as in Denmark as an exchange student.

He still holds Educational theatre close to his heart and performs for schools and companies.