Your Muse’s Mouth – Drumstruck “Ubuntu for Dummies”

Translated from French.

“Africa is the continent of ancestral stories and communication”, we learned from the shaman of the tribe that welcomed us.

What makes the strength of the tribe?  It’s the spirit of “Ubuntu”, the spirit of Ubuntu is respect, respect for nature, others and yourself.

Ubuntu is also worship and Drum Struck honors the spirit  through dancing and percussion.

The whole audience is invited to invoke Ubuntu through playing djembes that were waiting for them on their seats and they join performers on beat.

Following the hands of the facilitator, everyone  has an essential role to play in reviving the spirit of  Ubuntu, after it disappeared with the discovery of gold, that corrupted the villagers minds.

The queen of the tribe and its present shaman radiate positive vibes. Through the battle between six dancers, the  joint jamming sessions with the public and  the drumming lessons provided to the  spectators on the stage, the show never looses its vibrancy.

It is fascinating to see how people of all ages took to the game, people’s smiles were apparent and  they were absolutely raging on their djembes, as if the hour of music therapy has finally arrived.

When an unknown audience member  takes the microphone and sings to the tune of a famous gospel song “When I lay my burden down” the weary public, that have been hammering on the animal skin for thirty minutes can finally rest.

For children, Drum Struck is a good way to discover different percussion instruments. Parents also hope that the lesson of the foreign concept of Ubuntu, more commonly known as “respect”, will be  rubbed off on their children.

All in all, it is a good way to unwind with the family.  Make sure to put in a little effort … but not too much! The show can cause aches for  the sensitive!

This show is marked by humor, energy and provides great entertainment for all ages.