“Battle of the Drum”

Tensions are flaring and emotions are running high on the streets of Johannesburg. The words on everybody’s lips are that there is a battle going on, a struggle for dominance between two competing gangs the renowned Silverblack vs. the terrifying Whitegold.


Both have flair, both have vibe. Which group is to come out the victor? This is set to be an epic battle that people will talk about for years to come. Both have been trained in the verse of drumming and both have been preparing for this moment since childhood.


As the final moment approaches, the drums are beating in unison. What an amazing exhibition of skill and stamina! Nobody seems to be able to dominate the other, digging out tricks they have learned through years of rigorous drum training, the groups falling into unison and the battle continue….

post 909

Rhythms that haven’t been heard in ages rings out and even the ancestors hear they’re drum call. Night falls, the stars are out and the rhythm continues, this is not a battle that is easily won.

Beats echo through the streets and  mesmerize bystanders as the drumming continues through the night….