Tiny Shines During South Korean Rehearsals

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Entertaining thousands through-out the cities of South Korea, the world’s first interactive theatre production – Drumstruck has once again proven that it can cross cultural barriers, entertain and unite audience members through the powerful act of community drumming.

The main concept of African community building and Drumstruck, “Ubuntu”  – we are what we are through others, was whole heartily embraced by the Asian crowd and the whole audience jumped at the chance to partake in this amazing African tradition.

Apart from the philosophy behind the show, the musical talent delivered to the stage was a collaborative powerhouse:

Artistic Director and team leader- Richard Carter showed just why he is en graced with this prestigious title and displayed amazing percussive ability, stamina and skill with his incredible traditional African percussive performance as the character “Bob”.

Probably the greatest percussive group to ever come out of South Africa – “1st Project” starring Shannon Ellianas and Justin Guy Badenhorst, teamed up with the Drumstruck cast to deliver a mesmerizing and incredibly powerful percussive performance that stunned the Asian crowds.  Their drumming ability is truly what legends are made of with 2 SAMA nominations and performances in over 16 countries under their belt – these guys are truly a force to be reckoned with

Tiny Modise – Drum Struck superstar was, as always a great pleasure! With years of experience teaching audiences throughout the world how to play the Djembe Drum –  her infectious laughter and childlike nature won the Korean’s hearts in seconds!

Michael Dodoo – This Ghanaian master drummer proved why he is considered a master Drummer throughout the world. His unrelenting and  melodic beats entertained has entertained crowds throughout the world.

Patrick Pobee – This extremely charismatic performer knows how to please crowds and has proven himself time and time again that he is one of the top Djembe players and facilitators in the world!

Warren Lieberman – The creator of Drum Cafe and Drumstruck proved that his experience is invaluable in casting, directing and producing a  this World Class performance.

Refilwe Fifi Cwaile – This beauty graced the stage with her stunning talent as a singer and dancer!

Be sure to catch Drumstruck in Japan this year!